High School CNA Classes

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Covenant  CNA School provides informative presentations that energize and empower  students who are interested in exploring  healthcare careers  profession.  High school graduates are embarking on a new chapter in  their life, and Covenant CNA School can help you achieve your goals with our CNA classes.

We  offer a  CNA training tailored to help your  students  start a new career in the healthcare industry.

Interested in a tour or having an Covenant CNA School representative visit your school?

Our  Certified Nursing Assistant program prepares individuals to work under  the supervision of licensed healthcare professionals in performing  nursing care and services for persons of all ages. They may be employed  in home health agencies, hospitals, clinics,
nursing homes, extended care facilities, and doctors’ offices.

Upon  successful completion of the CNA Program, the student will be awarded a  diploma in Nursing Assistant from Covenant CNA School.  Afterwards the  student will be eligible to take the George State CNA examination,  whereby upon passing they will be placed on the Georgia state registry  as a Certified Nursing Assistant.