About Covenant CNA School CNA Training


Covenant CNA School’s mission is to train highly qualified Certified Nursing Assistants who will make a difference
in  the health care industry. We provide outstanding service to our  students through professionalism and quality standards of excellence to  promote excellent patient care. 

Our  focus is providing excellent training, dedication, strong moral values  and an unparallel commitment to the Covenant 

we make with our 

students  and to the future 

patients they will serve.

Covenant CNA School is dedicated to serving its students and the profession of nursing by

Commitment,  Obligation and Vision, in order to Empower, Nurture, and show  Acceptance to our Nursing students, by

 providing constructive Training.

About Us

Covenant offers short term CNA classes; we offer Day, and Weekends CNA Classes. 

For over 15 years, Covenant CNA School has helped thousands of students achieve their goals. When you enroll at Covenant CNA School, we guide you from start to finish to ensure you have all the tools needed to build a satisfying  new career.

Whether matriculating or taking classes for personal fulfillment, our students have in common a desire to be the very best they can be  and they share a belief in

 Covenant CNA School as the perfect place to start.

Additionally, we understand your education and career are very important to you. We value the investment you will be making and strive to offer the most accessible tuition fees and payment plans in addition to

 financial aid, if you qualify.

Our Applicants

Covenant CNA School prepares extraordinary CNA's  with the  knowledge, skills, values and beliefs required to not only succeed but

 to make a difference in  today's 

healthcare industry .  

Our applicants are high school Junior and Seniors, new career changes individuals,   

Pre-Nursing, Pre - Physician Assistants A  Pre-Med and other Allied Health majors

 who need to  meet requirements

 to there programs.

Our students are from Atlanta and the surrounding Metro areas including: Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb,  Fulton, Henry, Gwinnett.


  Covenant CNA School prides itself on its diversity of international student enrollment from more than 70 countries. 


The increase in longevity and changes in the Healthcare System have created a need for diversity amongst skilled 

Certified Nursing Assistants.